Best protocols for reducing anxiety


To reduce anxiety, the suggests several effective protocols:

  1. Cyclic Physiological Sigh: Practicing this breathing exercise for five minutes a day can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep. You simply do two inhales through the nose, followed by a long exhale through the mouth, and repeat for five minutes. This has been shown to have significant effects on mood and mental health 1.

  2. Hypnosis Using Reveri: This is a zero-cost, science-backed hypnosis app with multiple protocols that enhance focus, creativity, reduce pain, facilitate better sleep, and reduce anxiety. Hypnosis protocols like those found in Reveri have been shown to increase areas of the brain responsible for deep relaxation and self-awareness, improving mental states significantly 2.

  3. Journaling: A specific journaling protocol shown to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more involves several bouts of expressive writing detailed in research by James Pennebaker. This method can offer relief from various mental and physical health issues 3.

    Breathing for Mood

    Discover a simple, five-minute breathing protocol that can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep. Learn how this cyclic physiological sigh technique positively impacts various metrics of physical and mental health, as discussed by Andrew Huberman.

    Huberman Lab

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  4. Regular Exercise and Social Connection: Regular physical activity and maintaining social connections are fundamental for reducing anxiety. They support overall mental health and stress resilience, providing a stable foundation for managing anxiety 4 5.

Each of these methods offers different mechanisms through which they alleviate anxiety, potentially making them suitable for different individuals or circumstances.