Wight training and fasting


Training in a fasted state is an area Dr. Andrew Huberman discusses with some preference noted for fasted weight training in the morning, accompanied by fluid intake and caffeine for enhanced effects. He also ensures carbohydrate ingestion the night before to maintain glycogen stores, optimizing performance during the fasted training session 1. Additionally, he highlights the benefits of consuming a balanced ratio of protein and carbohydrates around training times to support recovery and muscle growth, which is particularly beneficial for those who do their workouts in the morning without prior food intake 2.

For those practicing fasting, Dr. Huberman elaborates on nutrient modulation during fasted and feeding states, and the impact of different food types on blood glucose and insulin levels. It's crucial to establish a personal routine that fits one's dietary and fasting regimen, optimizing health and exercise outcomes 3.

Training Fasted

Andrew discusses his preference for training in a fasted state and the benefits of ingesting caffeine before a workout. He also shares his thoughts on how to modulate fluid intake during fasted training.

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In summary, combining fasting with weight training can be effective when properly managed through strategic nutrient timing and understanding personal dietary responses to fasting.