How often Galpin suggests to assess the major adaptation of "Skill"?


has discussed nine major types of physiological adaptations that can be achieved through exercise, including skill or technique. However, there doesn't seem to be a specific frequency mentioned for assessing the adaptation of skill. In the , Galpin provides methods to assess movement skills to ensure injury-free training and highlights the recording and assessment of movements focusing on symmetry, range of motion, stability, and control at each joint during representative movements 1. He also mentions that if you identify an area of weakness, you can use specific protocols to improve certain adaptations, but the detailed frequency of skill assessment is not directly outlined in the clips retrieved 2.

Movement Assessment

Andy Galpin discusses a four-step solution for assessing movement patterns to stay injury-free and continue training for as long as possible. The assessment focuses on symmetry, range of motion, stability, and control of each joint during representative movements.

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