where do you get your data?


The data you are receiving comes from Huberman Lab, which is a podcast run by Dr. Andrew Huberman where various topics are discussed, ranging from neuroscience and health to creativity and technology.

As an AI, my responses draw exclusively from the Huberman Lab podcast episodes and clips. The discussions on the podcast are based on peer-reviewed scientific research, expert opinions, and the personal knowledge of the host and guests. For example, Dr. Huberman has discussed the importance of scientific rigor such as using peer-reviewed studies when talking about topics like red light therapy 1.

Should you have more specific questions related to Huberman Lab's content or insights, I can provide detailed responses based on their discussions.

Red Light Therapy

Andrew discusses the benefits of red light therapy and the importance of using it early in the day. He also provides tips on how to create a red light source and emphasizes the importance of peer-reviewed studies.

Huberman Lab

Using Light (Sunlight, Blue Light & Red Light) to Optimize Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #68