what are your reccomendations for listening to 40hz, and why


Listening to 40Hz binaural beats can increase focus and concentration by integrating different frequencies within deep brain centers and increasing levels of dopamine and acetylcholine 1. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that 40Hz binaural beats can enhance focus, reaction times, verbal recall, memory, and cognitive performance 2 3 4. They seem to influence striatal dopamine, which is related to motivation and focus 3.

Binaural Beats

Andrew discusses the science behind 40 HZ binaural beats and how they can increase focus and concentration by integrating within deep brain centers and increasing levels of dopamine and acetylcholine. He recommends using them for five minutes prior to cognitive work or during distractible states, and also prior to weight workouts to focus on specific muscles.

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Focus Toolkit: Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration | Huberman Lab Podcast #88

Before performing cognitive work or specific muscle focus during workouts, a recommended approach is to listen to 40Hz binaural beats for about five minutes beforehand or throughout the task if feeling very distractable 1. They may also improve working memory 5.

However, it's best to avoid listening to 40Hz binaural beats for all work bouts as one might attenuate to them. Instead, try alternating between listening prior to a task or during a task 4. For the best experience, use 40Hz binaural beats with headphones and look for free apps or sources that provide this frequency 6.

Keep in mind that the actual sound frequencies in each ear should be different, with a subtraction that leads to a 'beat' at the desired frequency (such as 40Hz) when processed by the brain 6. Always give your brain some time to shift into the enhanced focus state before starting the task 4.


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