How much creatine is optimal?


The recommended creatine intake can vary based on body weight and physical size. Here are key points regarding creatine dosage discussed in the :

  • For individuals weighing approximately 185 to 250 pounds, personally takes and recommends about 10 to 15 grams of creatine per day. For those weighing less, 5 grams or even 3 grams could be sufficient 1.
  • , in discussion with Dr. Huberman, supports the idea that one should adjust creatine dosage based on physical size, with a general standard of 5 grams daily, but potentially increasing to 6 grams and higher for larger individuals 2.
  • In terms of cognitive benefits, Dr. Huberman mentioned that he takes 5 grams per day of creatine monohydrate, which appears to be a standard dose to potentially enhance cognitive function as well 3.

    Maximizing Creatine Intake

    Learn how to optimize your creatine intake based on your body weight for enhanced physical and cognitive performance. Andrew shares his personal experience and insights on adjusting creatine dosage for maximum effectiveness.

    Huberman Lab

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Please note that these recommendations come from discussions on the Huberman Lab Podcast and you should consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplementation regimen to determine the optimal amount for your specific needs and health status.