I think my dopamine has been really messed up my whole life where I have no drive to do anything then get really excited for unhealthy dopaminergic behaviors. What should I do to start fixing that


Improving your dopamine regulation to boost motivation and avoid unhealthy behaviors involves a few key strategies. Here are some important recommendations from :

  1. Healthy Dopamine Schedules: Avoid constantly seeking high dopamine activities, as this can lead to a cycle of highs and lows in motivation. Instead, develop a healthy schedule where dopamine release is balanced with occasional peaks through intermittent rewards. This method can help maintain motivation without drastic crashes 1 2.

  2. Morning Sunlight Exposure: Aim to get sunlight exposure early in the day. This practice not only helps regulate your sleep but also boosts dopamine and cortisol levels in a manner that promotes alertness and a stable mood throughout the day 3 4.

    Healthy Dopamine Schedules

    Andrew discusses the importance of healthy dopamine schedules and how dopamine crashes can be navigated to leverage healthier schedules and increase motivation. He explains how dopamine wants more of the thing that releases it and how increasing dopamine through supplementation and prescription drugs can lead to needing more and more of the associated activities. Andrew also touches on the pleasure-pain relationship and the mechanisms that put a complete break on dopamine.

    Huberman Lab

    How to Increase Motivation & Drive | Huberman Lab Podcast #12
  3. Movement and Exercise: Regular physical activity, both cardiovascular and resistance training, is essential. Exercise increases baseline dopamine levels, which is crucial for maintaining motivation and energy 3.

  4. Cold Water Exposure: Practices like cold showers can significantly boost dopamine. These should be done in the early part of the day to maximize their effect on dopamine levels 5 6.

  5. Nutritional Support: Ensure adequate intake of B vitamins, especially B6, to support dopamine production. Be cautious with supplementation doses to avoid negative side effects 7.

  6. Reduce Dopamine Suppression: Avoid bright light exposure between 10 PM and 4 AM, as it can suppress dopamine levels. Keeping lights dim during these hours can help maintain steady dopamine levels for the next day 7.

  7. Effortful Activities: Engage in challenging tasks, especially when feeling demotivated. This practice helps to deepen and then rebound from dopamine troughs more robustly, teaching your brain to associate effort with positive dopamine responses 8.

These strategies can help create a stable and healthy dopamine system, improving your motivation and reducing the urge for unhealthy behaviors. Always consult with a healthcare provider before making significant changes to your regimen, especially if you plan to use supplements.