How to lower cortisol levels?


To lower cortisol levels, suggests the following strategies:

  • Expose yourself to sunlight early in the day, which can help set your cortisol levels for a healthier range and reduce aggression and irritability 1.
  • Incorporate heat exposure, such as using saunas or hot baths. A 20-minute sauna at 80-100 degrees Celsius or a hot bath (adjusted for safety) can be beneficial for reducing cortisol 1 2.
  • Engage in specific breathing methods and exercise to downregulate cortisol 3.

    Cortisol Control

    Andrew discusses the importance of keeping cortisol levels in check to avoid aggression and irritability. He suggests getting sunlight early in the day and using heat therapy such as saunas or hot baths to reduce cortisol levels.

    Huberman Lab

    Understanding & Controlling Aggression | Huberman Lab Podcast #71
  • Regulate cortisol by being mindful of the psychological and physical stress you experience in the 6 to 8 hours prior to sleep 3.
  • Be cautious with supplements like ashwagandha, which can limit cortisol but should not be used for extended periods to avoid other issues 2.

Please remember to consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your health regimen.