How much creatine should I take


Dr. Andrew Huberman has shared insights on how to optimize creatine intake. He advised adjusting creatine dosage for maximum effectiveness based on one's body weight to enhance both physical and cognitive performance. He also underscored the importance of hydration and electrolytes when properly dosing creatine according to body weight. However, specific dosage recommendations were not provided in the clips retrieved.

For a more precise dosage, information may be in the episodes mentioned; thus, you might consider listening to the full conversations for detailed guidelines:

  • In "", aired on 2023-07-03, where creatine intake optimization based on body weight is discussed.
  • You can also review "", from 2021-05-31, which explains how to properly dose creatine and emphasizes hydration and electrolytes.

These insights should offer a deeper understanding of creatine usage as per the guidance provided on the Huberman Lab Podcast.