how to improve vision for aging people?


To support vision health with advancing age, provides several insights. While eye health intricacies are multifaceted, certain behaviors and practices can potentially benefit aging individuals:

  1. Visual Acuity and Light Exposure: A particular study showed participants aged 40 and over exhibited a 22% improvement in visual acuity when exposed to certain kinds of light 1.

  2. Outdoor Time: Spending time outdoors and engaging in activities that allow for both near and far viewing can be beneficial for eye health. Although there's more to uncover about the optimal amount of outdoor time, the practice of being outside in natural light, and the associated full spectrum light exposure, seems to support eye health for all ages, despite the most significant effects being observed in younger individuals 2.

  3. Eye Exercises: Practicing eye exercises such as accommodation (bringing an object closer to the eye and then further away) could be helpful. This practice engages the eye muscles and can support the ability to focus on objects at different distances 3.

    Aging Vision

    Andrew discusses the results of two studies that found an improvement in visual function in individuals aged 40 and above. This improvement was particularly significant in the ability to resolve fine detail and using the Tritan exam, which tests the function of short wavelength cones. Andrew also explains why cones tend to be resilient to age-related loss and the importance of energy usage in these cells.

    Huberman Lab

    Using Light (Sunlight, Blue Light & Red Light) to Optimize Health | Huberman Lab Podcast #68
  4. Nutrition and Supplementation: Certain nutrients and supplements have been found to support eye health. For instance, large randomized controlled trials have shown that supplements with antioxidant properties can slow the progression of dry macular degeneration 4.

  5. Self-Generated Optic Flow: Activities that involve self-generated movement, like walking or biking, are good for the visual system and mood regulation. This is due to the optic flow generated as visual images pass by the eyes during motion 5.

Aging individuals should consult with professional healthcare providers to tailor these practices to their specific needs and conditions, as age-related changes in vision can vary widely. Additionally, keeping up with regular eye check-ups and following medical advice on eye health is crucial.