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what to do after lunch for focus


After lunch, to maintain focus, it is recommended to manage the volume and type of food consumed. Here are some guidelines by for an optimal post-lunch routine to enhance alertness and focus:

  1. Manage Meal Size and Composition: Avoid eating large volumes of food as this can make you feel lethargic by diverting blood to the gut and away from the brain. Opt for meals that are moderate in size 1.

  2. Lower Carbohydrate Intake: Consuming meals that are low in carbohydrates can prevent the rise of serotonin which generally makes one feel sleepy. Instead, focus on meals that include proteins, healthy fats, and perhaps low to no carbohydrates. This is especially useful if you aren't among the 25% of the population with genes that offset the lethargy caused by carbs 1.

  3. Navigate the Post-Lunch Dip: The post-lunch period can lead to a natural dip in focus and energy. This can be managed by not just what you eat, but also by adjusting the timing of your caffeine intake to avoid a mid-afternoon crash 2.

  4. Fasting and Focused Work: If your schedule allows, engaging in important or focus-intensive tasks before eating might be beneficial. If you have your lunch later, fasting until then can also aid in maintaining high levels of focus and energy. Post lunch, ensure you do not overeat to avoid a sluggish feeling 3.

    Food and Alertness

    Andrew discusses how the volume and content of food affect alertness. He emphasizes the importance of eating a lunch that is mainly protein, healthy fats, and low in carbohydrates to achieve heightened states of alertness throughout the day.

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These steps can help you maintain your focus and productivity in the afternoon hours.