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Zone 2 workouts refer to cardiovascular exercises where you push yourself to breathe faster than normal, and your heart beats faster than normal, yet you can still sustain a conversation. If you were to push any harder, you would not be able to speak without pausing or gasping for breath. These workouts can include jogging, rowing, cycling, swimming, or even a long hike, typically lasting between 60 to 75 minutes. The aim is to build endurance and capacity for long distances without fatiguing. You can adjust the workout to match your fitness level by altering the pace or adding weight, and it's essential to perform these exercises safely and not aggravate any injuries 1 2.

Zone 2 cardio has been recommended for a minimum of 150 to 200 minutes per week due to its substantial health benefits. These benefits include improvements in cardiovascular function, metabolic fuel utilization, and long-distance endurance. This amount of cardio can also enhance other fitness aspects, like strength and hypertrophy training, without impeding them. An interesting approach to integrating Zone 2 cardio into your routine is to incorporate it into your daily activities, ensuring you hit the weekly target without necessitating additional scheduled workout time 3 4 5.

Zone Two Cardio

Andrew discusses the benefits of zone two cardio, a type of cardiovascular exercise that improves endurance and can be done through activities such as jogging, rowing, cycling, or swimming. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a sustainable pace and building up capacity for long-distance exercise.

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For individuals focusing on strength training and muscle hypertrophy, Zone 2 cardio can be done concurrently without risking interference with the gains. It may actually assist hypertrophy by increasing blood flow. The workout frequency can be daily, even alongside strength and hypertrophy training, without significant adverse effects. The timing of cardio workouts (whether done before or after resistance training on the same day) is not critically important for most people 6.

Lastly, anticipating and positively reinforcing the habit of undertaking Zone 2 workouts can enhance adherence by associating the routine with dopamine-driven rewards, such as the pleasurable feelings after completing the routine or the enjoyment of subsequent meals 7.