What are effective lifestyle changes to combat anxiety?


To effectively combat anxiety through lifestyle changes, suggests several foundational elements:

  1. Quality Nutrition: Proper nutrition supports both mental and physical health. What constitutes "quality nutrition" can vary individually.

  2. Regular, Ample Sleep: Consistent and sufficient sleep is crucial. It helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, diminishing abrupt changes in alertness or calmness. Sleep resets the balance of neural circuits associated with fear, cognition, and overall mental control.

  3. Social Connection: Building and maintaining social connections provide support not only emotionally, but also chemically. It helps in managing stress and anxiety by fostering a supportive environment.

These lifestyle elements indirectly support the management of anxiety by maintaining essential bodily and mental functions, enhancing resilience against stress and anxiety triggers 1.

Overcoming Fear

Andrew discusses the foundational elements of quality nutrition and sleep on a regular basis to support mental and physical health. Good sleep helps regulate the autonomic nervous system and resets the balance of circuits related to fear and cognition. Eating well and social connection are also important indirect supports for trauma relief and overcoming fear.

Huberman Lab

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