rick rubin tells a story about a dermatologist


shared an encounter he had with a dermatologist on the podcast. Rubin, while walking on the beach, met a dermatologist who approached him after recognizing Rubin's voice from a podcast discussion about comedian Steve Martin. During their conversation, the dermatologist mentioned he had terrible insomnia and listened to podcasts at night because he couldn't sleep. Rubin noticed the man was wearing sunglasses and speculated that this habit could be the reason for his sleep issues, as it mixed signals with the natural light recognition process in the body.

Rubin then questioned the dermatologist's advice of getting people out of the sun, arguing that sun exposure was natural and healthy, to some extent. The dermatologist, surprised, examined Rubin's skin, noted its healthy state, and questioned his own medical practice of advising against sun exposure for the last 40 years. Rubin affirmed that all his teachings might have been wrong, leading to a humorous and insightful exchange.

Sleep and Sunlight

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