Impacts of screen time on children


The impacts of screen time on children have been discussed on the , highlighting several concerns:

  1. Induced ADHD from Smartphones: noted that smartphones, with their rapid turnover of context and infinite number of attentional bits, are making it harder for people, including children, to focus. This constant shifting of attention may lead to deficits in attention needed for performance in areas like work, school, or relationships, potentially inducing a form of ADHD. He mentions that although long-standing studies are ongoing, it is evident that these interactions lead to attentional issues 1.

  2. Screen Time and Sleep: On the subject of managing screen time, the U.S. Surgeon General, , highlighted the importance of protecting the hour before bedtime and throughout the night as technology-free sacred spaces. Access to devices during these times can significantly impact the quality of sleep, as kids may stay up later or wake up in the middle of the night and return to their devices 2.

To summarize, excessive screen time can affect children's ability to focus, similar to symptoms of ADHD, and disrupt their sleep patterns. It is suggested to delay the introduction of social media at least past middle school and establish technology-free periods, especially before bedtime, to mitigate these effects.

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Andrew discusses how smartphones are making it harder for people to focus, leading to a sort of induced ADHD. The rapid turnover of context within the phone is overwhelming our brains and leading to deficits in the types of attention we need to perform well in work, school, relationships, etc.

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