Is vaping dangerous independent of the primary active substance one is vaping?


Vaping poses significant health risks regardless of whether it involves tobacco, cannabis, or other substances. highlights that both smoking and vaping damage endothelial cells, which are critical components of blood vessels throughout the body and brain. This damage can lead to reduced cognitive function, increased stroke risk, lung impairment, and other issues such as sexual dysfunction due to decreased blood flow. These risks are intrinsic to the processes of vaping and smoking independently of the substances being inhaled 1.

For more detailed information on this topic and the specific effects of various substances when vaped, you might refer to dedicated episodes discussing smoking versus vaping on the .

Negative Health Effects

Andrew discusses the negative health effects of smoking and vaping, regardless of whether it's tobacco or cannabis. Smoking and vaping have severe negative health consequences on the lungs and endothelial cells, which can lead to decreased cognitive capacity, strokes, and sexual dysfunction.

Huberman Lab

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