I’m not getting enough activity and therefor not sleeping. What should I do to reset the balance?


To address insufficient activity levels and improve your sleep, there are several strategies you could try based on the advice from :

  1. Avoid Overwhelming the Pleasure System: It's important not to indulge excessively in activities or substances that can overwhelm the pleasure system of your brain, such as video games or substances that are highly dopaminergic. Doing so can set you up for anhedonia (loss of pleasure) and depression. If you need to reset that system, consider a 30-day complete detox from the particular activity or substance causing the issue 1.

  2. Engage in Noradrenaline-Inducing Activities: Pursue healthy activities that can boost your norepinephrine levels, which could be deficient if you're experiencing depression-related symptoms. This can include engaging in exercises or cold showers, as well as particular patterns of breathing that make you more alert 1.

  3. Use Physiological Sighs to Manage Stress and Alertness: This simple breathing technique involves taking a full inhale through the nose, sneaking in a little bit more air at the top to maximally inflate the lungs, and then a long exhale until you have no air left. Doing this once, or up to three times maximally, can help reset the oxygen CO2 balance in the system and bring down your level of alertness. This can be a useful tool in real-time, especially when you're unable to engage in stress-relief activities or remove yourself from a stressful situation 2.

Remember that these strategies are based on the knowledge shared by , and it's always advisable to consult with a professional for personalized guidance. Additionally, consider incrementally increasing your physical activity to help regulate your sleep-wake cycles and improve sleep quality.

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