what is thermal wellness


Thermal wellness pertains to the state of using temperature, such as heat, to positively affect one's biology. According to , experiencing a hot environment or generating heat from within can significantly impact health aspects like metabolism and cognition. Heat as a stimulus can engage neurochemical systems, enhancing brain function and overall health. He also discusses local heating, where applying heat to specific body parts can convert white fat into metabolically active beige fat, aiding in fat loss and metabolic health 1.

Additionally, our body has two temperature zones: the shell (skin surface temperature) and the core (internal organ temperature). The brain works like a thermostat, sending signals to maintain balance between these two temperatures, adapting to environmental cues to either heat up or cool down the body to achieve thermal regulation. Understanding this mechanism is crucial for effectively using heat-related therapies such as saunas to improve metabolism or cognitive function by intentionally adjusting exposure to heat 2.

The Science of Heat

Andrew discusses the profound effects of heat on our biology, including metabolism and cognition. Properly applied heat can engage neurochemical systems that allow our brain to function better. The episode also explores the exciting new science around local heating and its potential to change the identity of certain fat cells, combat obesity, and improve overall health.

Huberman Lab

The Science & Health Benefits of Deliberate Heat Exposure | Huberman Lab Podcast #69