How often does you suggest somebody takes cold plunges


suggests aiming for at least 11 minutes of deliberate cold exposure per week. This can be divided into sessions, such as 2-4 sessions of 2-3 minutes each. For some, 11 minutes may be challenging, representing a significant mental achievement, while others may find it easy and can consider extending the duration, lowering the temperature, or increasing the frequency to up to five times per week if desired 1.

The overall recommendation is to stay consistent and monitor personal tolerance and safety. Adjust parameters to keep the practice challenging but safe and sustainable 1.

Cold Exposure Guidelines

Andrew shares guidelines for safe and consistent cold exposure, recommending at least 11 minutes total per week and adjusting frequency, duration, or temperature as needed. He emphasizes the importance of doing it safely and consistently, finding what works for each individual.

Huberman Lab

Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast #66