Hello! If you're curious about some interesting stories or insights from the , here's a brief anecdote. In an episode about gratitude, discussed how narratives can positively impact our physiology. He referred to a study where listening to a story not only coordinated heart rates among listeners but also created consistent patterns of heartbeats in people who weren't even in the same location. This suggests that a story or narrative-based approach to a gratitude practice can be very powerful, and even a simple, repeated story can shift our physiology and significantly affect our state of mind 1.

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The Power of Story

Andrew explains how using a narrative or story-based approach to gratitude practice can have a positive effect on our physiology. Listening to a story can synchronize heart rates between individuals and create a perceptible shift in breathing and heartbeat. Using the same story repeatedly can be a potent tool for achieving a reproducible state of gratitude in as little as 60 seconds of practice.

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The Science of Gratitude & How to Build a Gratitude Practice | Huberman Lab Podcast #47