How should I train for a quadrathalon


For training for a quadrathlon, recommends a training program that includes a variety of activities to improve efficiency, cardiac output, and to incorporate different movement patterns. He suggests the following:

  • Incorporate sport with machines and dumbbells while making sure to include social interactions and outdoor experiences like walking at least twice a week.
  • Consider taking a full week off at the end of each quarter, or opt for a lighter deloading week if preferred. This approach prevents overuse and introduces variety in the training program.
  • Mix activities to cover various aspects such as fat loss, strength, hypertrophy, and cardiovascular endurance, while varying calories intake between high and low as part of the nutrition strategy.
  • Execute the program in five-week cycles where you push hard and progress either in intensity or volume. After five weeks, do a deload week followed by another hard five weeks and then take a true off week. This cycle should be repeated throughout the year.

This varied approach allows for a balanced and effective training program, ensuring progress in strength, hypertrophy, endurance, and other key fitness components while avoiding burnout and overuse injuries 1.

Efficient Training Planning

Andy Galpin shares his insights on how to plan an efficient training program that combines a variety of movements and activities, including sport, machines, and social interaction. He suggests taking a week off every quarter and recommends having a back off week halfway through a 12-week program. Galpin emphasizes the importance of testing and setting new goals at the beginning of each year.

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