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The episode titled "How to Improve Oral Health & It's Critical Role in Brain & Body Health" from the , led by , delves into the importance of oral health not just for the mouth itself but also for the overall health of the brain and body.

Here is a detailed summary:

  • The episode provides deep insights into oral health, discussing the science behind it, along with an oral health quiz to engage the listener's understanding.
  • It explores the biology of teeth, covering the process of cavity repair and tooth remineralization.
  • There's a focus on the anatomy and health of the mouth, gums, saliva, and the impact of nutrition supported by a sponsored segment on Optimal Nutrition Support.
  • Strategies for naturally preventing cavities are discussed, including understanding how cavities develop and how they can be prevented.
  • Fluoride's role in remineralization and the debates around its usage are examined.
  • Preventative oral health practices are stressed, with emphases on proper breathing, the effects of sugar and acidic foods, and proper dental care routines, including nighttime oral care.
  • The benefits of gum brushing and flossing best practices are highlighted.
  • A look at toothpaste and mouthwash myths is provided, along with insights into proper tongue hygiene.
  • The episode also sheds light on the significance of nitric oxide, the connection between oral health and the gut microbiome, and various debates surrounding dental care, such as dental fillings and the timing of dental check-ups.

This content underlines the critical role oral health plays in maintaining overall wellbeing and offers practical advice on how to optimize oral hygiene practices.


Can you provide more oral health tips?


Based on the knowledge shared by on oral health, here are some additional oral health tips:

  • Tongue Cleaning: It is beneficial to clean your tongue, which can be done gently with a separate soft toothbrush. A mix of salt and baking soda can be used for this purpose. Avoid scraping your tongue too hard, as this can damage the tongue and disrupt the balance of good bacteria 1.
  • Importance of Nighttime Routine: Brushing and flossing before sleep are crucial because saliva production decreases at night, and this is an optimal time for teeth to remineralize and repair 1.
  • Avoid Alcohol-Based Mouthwashes: Many dental professionals agree that antiseptic mouthwashes containing alcohol are not good for oral health as they can disrupt the oral microbiome 2.
  • High Salt Solution Rinse: A high salt solution can be used as a mouth rinse (followed by rinsing with plain water) to create a favorable environment for healthy oral bacteria. It is important not to swallow this solution 3.

    Tongue Cleaning Tips

    Andrew shares insights from dentists on the importance of brushing and flossing before sleep, using a separate soft brush for tongue cleaning, and the potential benefits of salt and baking soda. Maintaining oral health is crucial for overall well-being, impacting cardiovascular and brain health.

    Huberman Lab

    AMA #16: Sleep, Vertigo, TBI, OCD, Tips for Travelers, Gut-Brain Axis & More
  • Daily Protocols: Engage in daily protocols that support tooth strength and oral health, such as using a soft toothbrush and considering how often and when you brush your teeth. Also, focus on preserving the oral microbiome 4.
  • Vitamin D Levels: Ensure you have sufficient vitamin D levels, which can impact tooth health. Sunlight exposure can aid in maintaining appropriate vitamin D levels 2.
  • Avoiding Acidic Foods: Be mindful of consuming acidic foods and beverages, as they can contribute to cavity formation and disrupt oral health 5.
  • Tooth Anatomy Knowledge: Understanding the anatomy of the mouth and teeth can inform proper care practices, including the ability to remineralize and repair teeth 4.
  • Oral Health as a Pillar of Overall Health: Oral health includes tooth health, the oral microbiome, and more, and should be considered a pillar of overall mental and physical health 5.

These tips highlight the importance of a comprehensive approach to oral care that goes beyond just keeping the teeth clean and involve understanding and caring for the mouth as an ecosystem that impacts the entire body.