How to improve eyesight?


Improving eyesight can involve several approaches according to discussions from the . Here are some recommendations made by and guest experts:

  1. Viewing Distance: Spend at least 10 minutes a day looking at objects far away, beyond the four walls of your home or office. This relaxes the lens and eye musculature, promoting both eye health and relaxation 1.

  2. Use a Snellen Chart: Practice reading from a Snellen eye chart at home. It can help you track and potentially improve your vision, though it’s important to get vision tested by a professional for accurate measurement 2.

  3. Outdoor Time: Spend two hours daily outdoors without sunglasses to prevent myopia (nearsightedness). Sunlight exposure, even on cloudy days, has been shown to reduce the risk of developing myopia 3.

    Improve Vision Naturally

    Andrew explains how spending at least 10 minutes a day viewing things off in the distance can improve eyesight and promote relaxation. Looking at a distance beyond the four walls of your house or apartment can relax the lens and musculature around the eyes, which sends signals deep into the brainstem that release centers involved in alertness, leading to a sense of relaxation.

    Huberman Lab

    The Science of Vision, Eye Health & Seeing Better | Huberman Lab Podcast #24
  4. Nutrition: Ensuring the intake of vegetables high in vitamin A can support vision health. Supplements containing lutein may also be beneficial as part of vision support 4.

  5. Smooth Pursuit Exercise: Engage in exercises such as smooth pursuit training and accommodation practice for a few minutes each day. These can be found on YouTube and help train the visual system 5.

  6. Self-Generated Optic Flow: Activities that involve self-generated movement, such as walking or biking, are good for the visual system as well as mood regulation 6.

  7. Professional Consultation: Dr. , an expert in ophthalmology, mentioned that rigorous studies in the field have evaluated supplements for eye health, and some have demonstrated positive effects on slowing macular degeneration progression. Consult an eye health professional regarding the best dietary and supplemental strategies for individual eye health needs 7.

Always remember to consult with healthcare professionals before starting any new health-related practice. They can offer personalized advice and ensure the strategies are appropriate for your particular vision health.