Can habits create culture?

It seems there are no specific clips from the Huberman Lab directly addressing the concept of habits creating culture. While habits certainly play a role in shaping individual behavior, which can in turn influence cultural norms, there are no direct statements or discussions from Andrew Huberman in the available data confirming or exploring this idea in the context of the podcast. If you have any other questions or need information on related topics, please let me know, and I'll be glad to assist you.


Who are some experts on habits and behavior?


Several experts have discussed habits and behavior on the Huberman Lab or are known for their work in this area:

  • , Professor of Neurology and Neuroendocrinology Researcher, has expertise in the effects of stress and its impact on behavior.
  • , MD, Ph.D., Psychiatry Professor at Stanford, contributes to understanding how the brain changes in response to experiences and learning, which are crucial aspects of habit formation and behavior.
  • , Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, researches the clinical study of psychedelic compounds and behavior economics related to addiction and risk behavior.
  • , Associate Professor and Psychologist at Stanford, is known for her research on mindsets and beliefs affecting behavior and health outcomes.
  • , Professor & Chairman of Neuroscience, focuses on the neurons in the eye that set biological rhythms affecting behavior such as sleep and wakefulness.
  • , Head Neurosurgeon at Neuralink, works with neural implant technologies that can influence behavior by restoring movement to patients with paralysis or neurodegeneration-based movement disorders.

While not all of these individuals may focus exclusively on habits, their research intersects with behavior and the underlying mechanisms that shape it.