What is the key to keeping romance alive


Keeping romance alive in a relationship involves careful attention to the dynamics of desire, love, and attachment, while maintaining individuality and shared experiences with your partner. Key strategies discussed by and various experts on the include:

  1. Balancing time spent together and apart to maintain excitement and appreciation for one another 1.
  2. Navigating differences in individual preferences, such as sex drive or interests, through open communication and compromise 2.
  3. Fostering genuine admiration for the partner's character, sharing core values, and maintaining a sense of mystery to avoid boredom 3 4.

    Relationship Dynamics

    Kyle and Andrew discuss the importance of dopamine and prolactin levels in relationships. They explain how spending too much time together can cause dopamine levels to decrease, leading to a decrease in excitement towards each other. They also discuss how planning time apart and together can help maintain stable relationships, and how hormone levels can play a role in this.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Kyle Gillett: How to Optimize Your Hormones for Health & Vitality | Huberman Lab Podcast #67
  4. Embracing touch as a means to strengthen the insular cortex connections, which play a role in regulating the autonomic nervous system and enhancing attachment 5.
  5. Understanding that long-term relationships evolve through phases of desire, love, and attachment, and nurturing each phase mindfully 5.

Maintaining romance also involves a conscious effort to know oneself and find convergence with a partner's character, aligning personal values for a deeper connection. Self-awareness is crucial in choosing a partner based on qualities that genuinely resonate, rather than solely on external pressures or superficial attributes 6.

Deepening a relationship calls for bravely navigating emotions, mutual attraction, and understanding how to manage relationship dynamics, which can help in sustaining a sense of love and connection over time 7.