The Huberman Lab Podcast has several episodes where discusses various aspects of cannabis. Below are some of the most relevant episodes and clips:

  • Episode #92: Covers the science of cannabis, its effects on the brain and body, strains of cannabis, and considerations for use related to mental health, pregnancy, and hormones. Specifically, it touches on the effects of cannabis on brain development, creativity, and speech, as well as its role in sexual desire and arousal. This episode also discusses the nuances of cannabis dosage and the dilemma around finding the right amount to use without negative health effects .

  • Episode #14: Discusses the impact of cannabis on sexual development and hormonal activity, emphasizing the significance of cannabis in increasing aromatase activity and potentially affecting estrogen and testosterone levels .

  • Episode #75: Explores the use of cannabis for anxiety management, depression, and ADHD while comparing its risks with those of alcohol. The conversation includes a look at genetic factors that might make alcohol more harmful for certain individuals .

  • Episode #93: While the primary focus is on psychedelics and neurostimulation, this episode briefly touches on the connection between cannabis use, psychosis, and CBD .

In addition to these episodes, here are short clips that may be of interest:

  • Cannabis and Mental Health: Discusses cannabis regarding anxiety management, depression, and ADHD, with comparisons to alcohol risks 1.

  • Cannabis Effects: Covers the biology of cannabis, its potential medical uses for pain relief and treating glaucoma, and its concerning effects on the developing fetus and adolescent brain 2.

  • Cannabis and Sexual Development: Explains the impact of cannabis on sexual development, particularly its effect on male aromatase activity, and the legal aspects of cannabis use 3.

    Cannabis and Mental Health

    Andrew and Paul discuss the use of cannabis for anxiety management, depression, and ADHD, comparing it to the risks associated with alcohol. They explore the genetic factors that can make alcohol more dangerous for some individuals and how cannabis may offer a different approach to coping.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Paul Conti: Therapy, Treating Trauma & Other Life Challenges | Huberman Lab Podcast #75
  • Cannabis Science: Examines the different compounds of cannabis, including THC, CBD, and the impact on the brain and body, while considering the local laws and health hazards, especially for those genetically predisposed to psychosis 4.

  • Cannabis Strains: Details the different strains of cannabis and their genetic backgrounds, as well as the psychoactive compounds within cannabis like THC and CBD 5.

  • Hormonal Effects: Discusses how cannabis and alcohol can influence hormonal activity, affecting estrogen and testosterone levels, which can be particularly impactful during puberty and pregnancy 6.

These episodes and clips can provide comprehensive insights into the effects of marijuana on various aspects of health and wellbeing.