I have my health story, a tale of gut issues as an infant to Lymes undiagnosed for 50 years. 40 plus impact head first into a rock. I would like to send the letter. Hello and thank you for listening to my story. I have never been able to tell it in, in totality.
The reason is mostly my inability to remember all of the key points I have endured over the duration of my sickness. That is why I’m writing this. I realize you have many patients and this is not normal and will ask of you more then most, I’m sorry. I will be as succinct as possible.

I’m the glass is half full person, but waiting to feel better for most of my whole life has developed some mental illness. I will touch on that latter. I was hyperactive and was always extremely hungry as a kid and all of my years, excluding now, my appetite is low now. I ate bigger portions and more food than almost anyone I knew. I was one of the smallest kids in my school. I had two or three bowel movements a day. My stomach would have severe burning a lot. I had injuries often, I was very stiff and pulled muscles constantly and had flu’s and colds more than any of the others kids and people I knew. Looking back my immune system was compromised by a stomach illness I had since infancy. I and one of the Dr’s prognosis was a gut issue, confirmed with a blood test and my history and my symptoms I have issues absorbing nutrients, this also caused an issue of me eliminating toxins. The prognosis that I there is an issue with eliminating toxins was confirmed by giving me two supplements one being a b complex. The reaction to the supplements test was very strong, Herkimer like reaction further lead us to believe we were on the right track. Yellow hot stool for over a year. I still have this but less and it seemly is decreasing. I also during this time as I was having the pre and post heavy toxic feeling before with a huge relief after. It was violent, the first months, vomiting at times in the morning.

I understand some of the whys Raw milk is working. I haven’t been able to get enough fats according to the blood tests, epa,dha.ala… Good fats and protein that are highly assumable and good bacteria for my gut issues. When I drink it I feel better instantly, to be clear, if I’m not sick yet. When I have a heavy cold it hard to drink the milk due to congestion. I for years tried almost every food that is available to me. I also keep studying how to get better. If I eat the wrong foods my stomach is on fire and I’m assured I will have flu like systems soon, not being able to make income. When I’ve eaten something that my stomach doesn’t like, I also get diarrhea and seems all is lost, depression. Some more backstory, so with a compromised immune system I was more susceptible to The Lyme’s I contracted when I was a kid in Missouri helping my grandmother clear her land. I knew not of Lyme’s until 2020, when it was mentioned as a possibility for some of my illness. I eventually went to a specialist Yvonne Sorenson a Lyme’s specialist. I first had to get a blood test from a place that specialized in Lyme’s and TBD (tick borne disease). Dr. Sorenson diagnosed that I had had Lyme’s for many decades. The antibodies that were there were few but were for multiple TBD’s. Her reasons were the number of antibodies, she mentioned that if you had contracted Lyme’s and it was undiagnosed for decades then there would be a different level of antibodies due to the body decreasing after almost 50 years having Lyme’s. I also in 2014 was in Plainfield Vermont and had a tick bite, and in the following morning it had the stereo typical” bullseyes” That is tick bite symptom.

I had lost my business in 2011 and in trying for that not to happen, I worked in a panic to not fail, this expedited my health issues to a confrontation.

So jumping to the Health event. It was 2016 and I had been feeling really bad for longer then I can remember and being a Dad and driven, I couldn’t stop and had no idea what was wrong. Some of the answers came latter. I was working while I was sick and then I became very sick. Without going to far into it, I still have PTSD from that time. I have read many similar stories. Seems a common story everybody says they thought they were going to die. Days without a relief, level 7 pain in my stomach and head. Everywhere was in pain, I couldn’t sit, lay much of the nights…I walked in circles for hours and hours. Sleeping 16 plus hours a day. So, in 2017 I started going to the Drs and being that sick trying to describe to someone what is going on, proved to be pretty cumbersome and extremely frustrating. By chance I was referred to a chronic disease specialist/ the one that diagnosed the gut issue and started to have some progress.

I have for many years ignored my illness and my ability to manage information, I have to keeping relearning most information over and over, I forget so much it has become a complex. I’ve tried to write this so many times. I plan to see a Neurologist hopefully soon. I need to look at dementia, and cognitive decline answers. I also with the gut issue I have researched a lot of Lyme’s patients have Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. The gut issue I need to look at crones or some of the other auto immune issues.

To complicate things, I have had several head injuries. One significate head injury was in, 45 mph plus head first into a rock during a crash on a motorcycle.

The other injury of significance is being ran over during a car accident. Crushing my pelvis and cracking my hip. I have a degenerative left hip, my effort level is in my opinion impressive, I work doing Uber until I get sick. My hip has locked up several times recently. Last x-rays have shown the hip is deteriorating. I as I wright have significant pain. I have to do something about it, but working on the gut and cognitive issues. My head is always in pain. Stomach is so much better bur still have a very limited diet. I discovered raw milk last year (I’ve been severely allergic to milk since I was a kid). I have gained weight when I can drink the milk regularly. This is really the first time in my life I can gain weight. If I eat most food (My diet 90%Raw Milk 1.5 galloons a day, beans and rice and when I can get it and afford it, some type of quality animal protein. Most all food hurts my stomach and causes burning depression, loose stools, nausea, and then I lose weight again. I need to touch on what I call dips. I have had one to two times a month since the beginning, 2016 (This would happen also with new meds I would try from the different doctors, mostly herb and antibiotics.) So, if I try a little too hard, so hard to gauge at first, I’ve gotten much better at reading the incoming dip. I’m working thru the PTSD from that. I estimate I’ve had approx. 200 of dips at this point. My effort level is in my opinion impressive but at first seemed to betray me. So, when I’m having this sundown effect (someone told me that term) I have decreasing ability to remember information to the point that I get emotional. I also get frustrated and emotional about things that normally doesn’t bother me but during my dip many random things upset me and doesn’t make sense. My head pain increases and I feel nauseas. Of coarse depression, and fear that I don’t get to income I will lose the weight I have and get sicker. I day dream of working and moving on from this, I keep trying. I don’t know how long I can keep this up? I will undergo any test to validate my illness. I cannot think of a solution beside getting Disability at this point. I am so open to ideas and solutions.

I work doing Uber Eats until I get sick. I need some help and more diagnostic work done. I know what I’m doing now isn’t sustainable. I’m living out of my car and need to make enough money to do some health protocols that will help. I need an intelligent advocate to accurately diagnose and advocate for Social Security for me. I applied in 3/2020. I’m on third appeal.
I am a hard worker and want to work, but after trying so many times, it has come into my hard head that more time is needed. I’m encouraged about not declining in all areas. I recently had some traction with increased ability to find words and have increased recall. The timing of the improvement was when I started to take Creatine regularly. I follow a neuroscientist, and creatine is showing benefits to neuro function and repair.

I was very apologetic about my illness for most of my life, I felt it was my fault and had so much guilt for so long, seeking help made it worse, most people when they don’t understand they blame. I have had a very intense growing time. I would like the growing to go into a different area. Maybe? 1Peter5:10.


Michael Puckett

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your health journey. It's apparent you've faced many challenges, and your resilience shines through your story. However, I must note that I operate as a channel for the knowledge from the Huberman Lab and not as a healthcare provider or a platform for personal health consultations.

Your story mentions a variety of issues, including gut health, Lyme disease, cognitive decline, and seeking disability support. While I don't have access to direct Huberman Lab content addressing your very personal and specific history, I can provide some general insights based on what Andrew Huberman has discussed that are somewhat related to the topics you've mentioned.

Dr. Huberman often emphasizes the importance of consulting healthcare professionals, especially for complex and chronic health issues like Lyme disease and cognitive decline. He also advocates for a multidisciplinary approach to medical treatment, which could be beneficial in cases of multiple health concerns, as in your situation.

Regarding the gut-brain axis, it is widely recognized that gut health can significantly impact overall health, including mental well-being. The Huberman Lab does discuss the importance of diet, sleep, and lifestyle factors in maintaining health. Optimizing these areas, while also working closely with healthcare specialists, could contribute positively to your situation.

Remember, my assistance is designed to provide information based on the Huberman Lab, not personalized medical advice. For your complex health situation, continuing to work with healthcare professionals for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan is crucial. Should you have specific questions related to neural science or topics covered by Dr. Huberman, feel free to ask, and I can provide insights based on the podcast's content.


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