We are a hotelier and considering a wellness focus in our upcoming projects. We wonder what a “Huberman Lab Designed Hotel” might look like? From materials to lighting to TV or no TV to gym design and instruction…. Optional health pro consultant but also plenty of DIY instruction to improve health habits along with self testing and supplement samples and on and on…


Designing a "Huberman Lab Designed Hotel" with a wellness focus would involve several key elements based on insights from and relevant recommendations, transforming it into a place that optimizes the health and well-being of its guests. Here’s a potential layout and philosophy for this innovative hotel:

1. Room Design and Environment

  • Lighting: Rooms would feature lighting that supports circadian rhythms, possibly using smart lighting systems that adjust color and intensity based on the time of day to promote better sleep and wakefulness patterns 1.
  • Sleep Optimization: High-quality mattresses like the Eight Sleep mattress, which recommends, could be standard to enhance sleep quality. These smart mattresses could adjust temperature and firmness based on personal preference and sleep phases 2.
  • No TV Zones: Depending on guest preferences, rooms could be designed without TVs to encourage detachment from electronic devices before bedtime, supporting better sleep hygiene.

2. Fitness Facilities & Programs

  • Gym Design: The hotel would feature state-of-the-art gym facilities with a range of cardiovascular and resistance training equipment. The design could also incorporate areas for yoga and meditation.
  • Fitness Instruction: Offering a foundational fitness protocol customized to individual needs, whether for strength, endurance, or flexibility. This would be based on scientifically validated methods discussed on the 3.

    Science-Based Tools

    Andrew discusses science-based tools for everyday life, including personalized nutrition platforms, meditation apps, and a behavioral science subscription model. He shares his personal experience with each tool and offers a discount code for listeners to try them out.

    Huberman Lab

    How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Huberman Lab Podcast #6

3. Personalized Health Guidance and Nutrition

  • DIY Health Instruction: Leveraging the concept of zero-cost consumer health information, guests could access a variety of science-based health protocols and advice through digital platforms or in-person consultations 1.
  • Nutrition Advice: The hotel’s restaurants could serve foods recommended by personalized nutrition platforms like InsideTracker, and guests could have their meals tailored based on their health goals and current biological needs 4.
  • Self-Testing Facilities: Offering guests the opportunity to get their blood and DNA tested to receive personalized health insights, potentially integrated with the hotel’s health tracking system 5.

4. Wellness Workshops and Seminars

  • Scheduled Events: Regular workshops and seminars could be organized, featuring experts discussing various health-related topics like neuroplasticity, fitness, nutrition, and mental health, following the educational goals of the .

5. Supplements and Health Products

  • Supplement Samples: Providing guests with samples of health-supporting supplements as discussed in various episodes, particularly those that aid sleep, focus, and hormonal balance, ensuring they align with guests' health profiles 6.

This integrated approach not just provides luxury but also actively contributes to the physical and mental well-being of guests, ensuring they leave not just relaxed, but also healthier and better informed about maintaining optimal health.