is it better to work out or to use the steam room?


Working out and using the steam room both have distinct benefits, but they serve different purposes and provide different health outcomes.

Working out

Exercise is crucial for overall health, including cardiovascular, muscular, and mental health. It cannot be fully substituted by passive heat exposure like using a steam room or sauna. emphasizes that while the sauna has health benefits, "It is not a substitute for exercise... if the exchange is... 'I don't need to work out because I did the sauna'—this is not a winning solution" 1.

Using the Steam Room or Sauna

The sauna, a form of heat therapy, offers benefits like mood and focus improvement through physiological responses similar to those seen in moderate intensity aerobic exercise. It elevates heart rate and blood pressure during use, which can aid in cardiovascular health, but these effects are not a replacement for the comprehensive benefits of physical exercises 2. also notes the sauna's ability to mimic moderate intensity aerobic exercise in specific physiological responses, which can be especially beneficial for individuals unable to perform traditional exercises 2.

Conclusion: Workout is essential and more comprehensive in terms of health benefits. Using a steam room or sauna can be beneficial, particularly in supporting cardiovascular health and aiding muscle recovery, but it is not a substitute for active physical exercise. It's most optimal when used to complement a regular exercise regimen, rather than replace it 1.

Sauna for Health

Andy and Andrew discuss the benefits of sauna for general health outcomes and stress that it is not a substitute for exercise. They recommend using sauna as a supplement to exercise and caution against working out in the sauna. Andrew shares his personal routine for heat exposure and emphasizes the importance of hydration.

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