Based on Huberman's AMA episodes, create a list with questions to whom Andrew responded to


Here are some questions that responded to in his Ask Me Anything (AMA) episodes on the podcast:

  1. AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory

    • What are your thoughts on longevity supplements like Resveratrol, NR, and NMN? 1
  2. AMA #10: Benefits of Nature & “Grounding," Hearing Loss Research & Avoiding Altitude Sickness

    • What are the benefits of nature and "grounding"?
    • What research is there on hearing loss and how can we avoid altitude sickness? 2
  3. AMA #9: Kratom Risks, Does Infrared Sauna Work & Journaling Benefits

    • What are the risks of Kratom?
    • Does infrared sauna work?
    • What are the benefits of journaling? 3

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      AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory
  4. AMA #8: Balancing Caffeine, Decision Fatigue & Social Isolation

    • How can you balance caffeine intake?
    • What is decision fatigue?
    • How does social isolation affect health? 4
  5. AMA #7: Cold Exposure, Maximizing REM Sleep & My Next Scientific Studies

    • What are the benefits of cold exposure?
    • How can you maximize REM sleep?
    • What are your next scientific studies? 5
  6. AMA #16: Sleep, Vertigo, TBI, OCD, Tips for Travelers, Gut-Brain Axis & More

    • What are your tips for improving sleep?
    • How can one manage vertigo?
    • What are effective treatments for TBI and OCD?
    • What tips do you have for travelers?
    • How does the gut-brain axis affect health? 6

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