How to increase my Vo2 Max?


To increase your VO2 Max, you can integrate maximal exertion activities in your routine; these could be as simple as running up a flight of stairs or doing jumping jacks (1). You can also opt for formal fitness assessments like the wind gate test, Bosco protocol, or a 12-minute Cooper's test to estimate and gauge improvement in your VO2 Max over time (2, 3). Engaging in periodic maximal exertion exercises not only impacts cardiorespiratory fitness but offers cognitive and work productivity benefits (1).

Maximal Exertion Benefits

Andy and Andrew discuss the benefits of maximal exertion for cardio respiratory fitness, cognitive benefits, and work productivity. Just 20 seconds of running up and down stairs or doing jumping jacks can lead to statistically significant improvements. This intervention can also help mitigate the negative effects of high glycemic index meals.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Physical Endurance & Lose Fat | Huberman Lab Guest Series

For a systematic and controlled approach, undergoing a VO2 Max laboratory test, where you're required to do a maximal effort exercise while your oxygen consumption is measured, can provide accurate readings of your VO2 Max (3). It's important to remember that physiological failure and your reaction to it will indicate the point of adaptation, and is crucial for improving your VO2 Max (4).