episodes about dopamine

Here are some episodes from the Huberman Lab podcast that delve into the topic of dopamine:

  1. Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction: This episode covers a broad range of topics related to dopamine, including understanding the neurotransmitter's role, how to boost dopamine levels naturally, and the impact of dopamine on addiction, neuroplasticity, and motivation. The discussion also includes practical strategies for controlling your dopamine for better motivation, focus, and satisfaction. Aired on September 27, 2021 .

  2. Leverage Dopamine to Overcome Procrastination & Optimize Effort: This more recent episode focuses on leveraging the dopamine system to overcome procrastination and optimize effort. It covers the neuroscience of reward, understanding motivational dynamics, and provides tools to boost dopamine naturally. You can listen to insights on elevating baseline dopamine and leveraging dopamine peaks for improved motivation. This episode was published on March 27, 2023 .

  3. How to Increase Motivation & Drive: In this episode, a variety of topics related to motivation and dopamine's role in it are explored. Discussions include the chemistry of motivation, the dual role of dopamine, and how to create healthy dopamine schedules. Strategies to leverage the dopamine system for increasing motivation and overcoming procrastination are also discussed. It was made available on March 22, 2021 .

  4. Dr. Robert Malenka: How Your Brain’s Reward Circuits Drive Your Choices: This episode features Dr. Robert Malenka and his insights into neuroplasticity and reward, focusing on dopamine and its complexity within the brain's reward circuits. Topics include understanding addiction, the power of rewards, and the impact of addictive substances on dopamine systems. Additional discussions touch upon social media addiction, pain, social behavior, empathy, and potential treatments for autism. Published on July 10, 2023, this episode brings additional expertise from guest Dr. Robert Malenka .

These episodes offer a comprehensive look at dopamine from various angles, emphasizing its importance in motivation, learning, addiction, and more.