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Ashwagandha is known for its benefits in affecting multiple hormone systems, notably by reducing cortisol levels and indirectly increasing testosterone. explains that while Ashwagandha is effective in reducing cortisol, which can in turn indirectly boost testosterone since the two hormones often counteract each other, it should not be taken in high doses for more than two weeks at a time. He recommends checking sources like for detailed guidance on how to use Ashwagandha safely and effectively 1.

Further, Ashwagandha has shown to provide several health benefits such as reduced anxiety, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced memory. These benefits are particularly linked to its ability to lower cortisol levels. Dr. Huberman also notes personal usage of Ashwagandha during periods of stress or poor sleep, suggesting its consumption in the evening or with the last meal of the day 2 3.

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Andrew discusses different types of supplements that can augment multiple hormones and support multiple hormone systems, generally in the direction of pro-fertility, pro-libido, and increasing estrogen and testosterone. He also talks about the indirect effects of supplements like Ashwagandha and Maca on testosterone and estrogen pathways.

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However, chronic use of Ashwagandha may affect other hormone and neurotransmitter pathways negatively, so it's recommended to cycle it—two weeks on followed by two weeks off—to prevent potential disruptions 4. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.