What are zombie cells?

I'm unable to find any specific mention of "zombie cells" from the data. Zombie cells, also known as senescent cells, are a topic within the broader field of biology and aging research, but we don't have any data from the Huberman Lab on this particular topic. If you're interested in learning about other health or biological topics that have been covered by the Huberman Lab, feel free to ask!


What are some related topics to 'zombie cells' in the Huberman Lab?

While there isn't specific mention of "zombie cells" in the data, related topics that have been discussed include cellular aging, senescence, and biological processes related to healthspan and longevity. Here are some episodes that touch on related themes:

  1. Dr. Peter Attia: Improve Vitality, Emotional & Physical Health & Lifespan, explores topics such as longevity tools, lifespan vs. healthspan, and arterial health tips, which are indirectly related to cellular health and aging 1.

  2. Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Micronutrients for Health & Longevity, discusses the importance of micronutrients in health, stress response pathways, detoxifying pathways, and tools that involve deliberate cold exposure; all these topics can have implications for cellular aging and senescence 2.

  3. AMA #12: Thoughts on Longevity Supplements (Resveratrol, NR, NMN, Etc.) & How to Improve Memory, where some supplements mentioned have been hypothesized to improve cellular health and potentially influence the aging process 3.

  4. Dr. David Sinclair: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging, addresses interventions for aging, what causes aging with a focus on the epigenome, and other anti-aging supplements. These discussions are highly relevant to the concept of "zombie cells," as they delve into the biology that drives cellular senescence 4.

  5. Dr. Peter Attia: Exercise, Nutrition, Hormones for Vitality & Longevity, covers various aspects of health optimization, including the role of exercise, nutrition, and hormones in promoting longevity and well-being, all of which may intersect with the processes influenced by senescent cells 5.

Exploring these episodes may provide insights into cellular health, the science behind aging, and potential strategies for promoting longevity.


What are some related topics to 'zombie cells' in the Huberman Lab?

It appears that there are no clips from the that explicitly discuss "zombie cells." However, other related topics that the podcast often explores and may be tangentially related to the concept of zombie cells, or cellular senescence, include:

  • Cellular Health
  • Aging and Longevity
  • Inflammation and Stress Response
  • Brain Health and Neurodegeneration
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Impact on Health
  • Scientific Research on Healthspan and Lifespan

For information specifically about "zombie cells" or exact content related to cellular senescence, it might be necessary to look into other sources or await future episodes where these topics might be covered in depth by Andrew Huberman or his guests.