Maximize productivity and focus as a student


To maximize productivity and focus as a student, here are some strategies based on insights from :

  1. Optimize Your Workspace: Arrange your physical environment to promote a heightened state of focus. Use bright lights (especially overhead) and position your screen at eye level or slightly above to maintain alertness. Stand for at least half of your workday and consider using 40Hz binaural beats to boost focus for specific tasks 1.

  2. Beat Procrastination: Don't expect immediate focus upon starting work. It generally takes about six minutes to engage deeply. Consider using tools like the Freedom app to limit distractions and allow time for your neurochemical systems to engage 2.

  3. Work in Ultradian Cycles: Work in 90-minute intervals with the understanding that focus will ebb and flow within that time frame. Use a timer to keep track and take deliberate decompression breaks afterward 3.

    Optimize Your Workspace

    Andrew shares tips on how to optimize your workspace for maximum focus and productivity, including using bright lights, standing for at least half of your workday, and avoiding extended exposure to certain sound frequencies.

    Huberman Lab

    Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity | Huberman Lab Podcast #57
  4. Avoid Extended Exposure to Certain Sounds: While sounds can help with focus, avoid long periods of white, pink, or brown noise, as it can be stressful and detrimental to productivity 1.

  5. Follow the 45-5 Rule: For every 45 minutes of focused work, take at least five minutes to relax your eyes and gaze into the distance, promoting panoramic vision. This can alleviate eye fatigue and headaches 4.

  6. Deliberate Defocus: After periods of intense focus, engage in menial tasks or activities that don't require much concentration to recharge. This practice helps maintain your ability to focus during subsequent work bouts 5.

Combine these practical workspace optimization solutions with other focus-enhancing methods like supplements or visual focus tasks for a comprehensive approach to maximizing productivity and focus as a student.