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Power dynamics play a significant role in both overt and covert human interactions. expands on the concept by discussing the primal need for power and control, which is deeply wired in humans. This need drives us to seek influence over our environment and the people in our lives. According to , individuals seek leverage through overt actions, such as direct communication, or covert maneuvers, like passive-aggressive behavior, to establish that control and influence. This pursuit is a fundamental aspect of our behavioral drive to alleviate feelings of disenfranchisement in different domains of life, including career, family, and relationships 1.

Likewise, discusses that power dynamics, whether acknowledged or not, are prevalent in every relationship. Conti challenges the over-reductionist view that relationships are a uniform structure of one leader and one follower. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of recognizing covert power dynamics, such as the "issue of the non-issue," where unstated problems loom large and heavily influence interactions. These dynamics can range from unspoken resentments to scenarios where one person appeases another out of fear, demonstrating that power interplays are nuanced and often concealed 2.

Understanding these dynamics can help in managing personal and professional interactions more effectively.

The Power of Influence

Discover the primal need for power and control that is deeply wired in all of us. Robert Greene explains how this need drives our actions and relationships, and why it's essential to have a degree of influence over our immediate environment and the people in our lives. Learn how to navigate the complexities of human behavior and effectively exert your influence in positive ways.

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