Where do I begin?

To begin exploring podcasts, you might want to consider some of the following popular shows:

  1. The Running Explained Podcast: Focused on all things running including training, nutrition, injury prevention, and mental health. It's ideal for runners of any level looking to enhance their performance and knowledge 1.

  2. StarTalk Radio: Hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this podcast connects science with popular culture and comedy, discussing topics like astrophysics, biology, and environmental science 2.

  3. Lenny's Podcast: Dives into technology, product development, and business growth with a focus on AI, software development, and marketplace dynamics. This is for those interested in the tech industry and product strategy 3.

  4. This Week in Startups: Offers insights into entrepreneurship, venture capital, and technology. The podcast covers latest startup trends and deep-dives into industries like fintech, healthcare, and cybersecurity 4.

  5. The Matt Walker Podcast: Specializes in sleep research and its impact on life, discussing topics like insomnia, the relationship between sleep and caffeine, and how sleep affects memory 5.

  6. Stuff You Should Know: A general knowledge podcast that covers a vast array of subjects from science to history and pop culture, with a friendly and humorous tone 6.

Choose one based on your interests, and you'll find a wealth of knowledge and entertainment.