Hi Dr. Huberman, In your ADHD podcast, you referred to a 17 min meditation that can help with ADHD. Could you point me to that method please?


Dr. Huberman discussed a specific meditation practice beneficial for ADHD and overall focus improvement on the . He suggested a 15-17 minute meditation session where individuals sit quietly with their eyes closed and focus on interoception—being aware of their internal state like breathing and bodily sensations. This meditation doesn't coerce the mind into any particular state but encourages natural attention to internal cues. Remarkably, this simple practice can significantly improve one's ability to focus and may reduce 'attentional blinks', enhancing attention consistency. It's beneficial for both children and adults and can be a powerful tool to rewire the brain's attentional circuitry even after just one session 1.

Rewire Your Attention

Andrew discusses the benefits of a simple 15-17 minute meditation practice that involves focusing on your breathing and internal state, known as interoception. This practice can significantly reduce attentional blinks and improve focus in both children and adults, and may even offset age-related cognitive decline. It's a worthwhile tool for everyone to rewire their attentional circuitry.

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ADHD & How Anyone Can Improve Their Focus | Huberman Lab Podcast #37