Is mouthwash helpful?


from the has shared insights on mouthwash's role in oral hygiene. He advises against using alcohol-based mouthwashes or making one's own mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide due to their detrimental effects on the oral microbiome and the production of nitric oxide, an important vasodilator for overall health 1 2. Instead, he suggests using a high salt water solution as a mouth rinse, which may support healthy mouth bacteria without the negative effects of alcohol and antiseptics 3. He emphasizes that maintaining a balanced oral microbiome is crucial and that some common oral hygiene practices, including the use of certain mouthwashes, may damage it 4. Always consult with healthcare professionals before making significant changes to your oral care routine.

Mouthwash Myths

Andrew discusses the impact of alcohol-based mouthwashes on oral health, suggesting alternatives to maintain a healthy microbiota. He advises caution in choosing mouthwashes and emphasizes the importance of consulting healthcare professionals for guidance.

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How to Improve Oral Health & It's Critical Role in Brain & Body Health