How do tears affect men


Tears have a significant physiological impact on men, particularly through their influence on testosterone levels. When men sniff women's tears, even though the tears are odorless, there is a pronounced reduction in testosterone levels. Specifically, research has shown that sniffing these tears can lead to about a 14% drop in free testosterone within 20 to 30 minutes. This reduction in testosterone can also influence brain activity and lower aggression in men 1 2.

Tears and Testosterone

Noam and Andrew discuss the collection of tears and the effects of sniffing them on testosterone levels. They found that tears are completely odorless, and when men sniffed women's tears, they experienced a significant reduction in free testosterone levels.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Noam Sobel: How Smells Influence Our Hormones, Health & Behavior | Huberman Lab Podcast

Summarize Dr. Noam Sobel: How Smells Influence Our Hormones, Health & Behavior | Huberman Lab Podcast

The episode features Dr. Noam Sobel discussing the profound effects of smell on human hormone levels, health, and behavior. Key insights include:

  • Olfactory System: Explains the science of smell, including olfactory receptors, nerve trauma, and how the brain processes scents.
  • Smell and Behavior: Discusses how smells influence memories, unconscious behaviors, and interactions like handshakes.
  • Menstrual Cycle and Testosterone: Covers how odors can coordinate menstrual cycles and the impact of sniffed tears on testosterone levels.
  • Smell and Health: Addresses the connections between olfaction and various aspects of health such as reproduction, aggression, and emotional responses.
  • Digitizing Smell: Discusses the future of olfactory research, including olfactory loss, the potential digital encoding of smells, and implications for conditions like COVID-19.

Guest speakers include and . The episode also emphasizes the ongoing need for rigorous science in olfactory research and touches on themes like nutritional perception through smell .