Hello all, I’m new to the podcast and have enjoyed listening. I started at what I think is the beginning so I’m a little behind the current topics. I work alone so it’s nice to hear a person speaking. I just wanted to ask if you ever saw the highlander with christopher lambert? I’m not side barring but it helped me cope with the short life span of my animals. It made me realize that I was immortal compared to them in a strange way and did I want to share my life again with them knowing the same outcome. Yes but I was picky. Enjoy

Hello, and welcome to the Huberman Lab community! It's great to hear that you've been enjoying the podcast. While Andrew Huberman has not discussed the movie 'Highlander' specifically, the concepts of lifespan, coping with loss, and the value of companionship are certainly relevant to many of the broader themes that are sometimes touched on in the podcast related to psychology and neuroscience.

Your reflection on immortality in comparison to the lifespan of animals and the decision to share your life again with them, knowing the eventual outcome, touches on deep emotional and existential topics. These are the kinds of human experiences that often intersect with the science of emotions and the brain, which Dr. Huberman sometimes delves into.

If you're ever interested in learning more about topics that are directly related to psychological resilience, coping mechanisms, or the neurobiology of emotions, the Huberman Lab podcast can be an excellent resource. Keep listening, and I hope you continue to find valuable insights through the episodes.