what supplements do you take?


Based on the discussions in the Huberman Lab podcast, it's important to take a rational approach to supplementation. Rather than taking supplements indiscriminately, they should be used to compensate for any deficiencies in diet that might exist. Foundational supplements containing vitamins and minerals are often highlighted for their importance in maintaining health when dietary intake may not be sufficient 1.

Moreover, the podcast has touched on the role of supplementation in optimizing performance, reminding listeners that both food and supplements can serve as tools to achieve certain health or performance goals. It's also mentioned that due to financial constraints, not everyone may be able to supplement and that food can often be the best medicine 2.

For specific fitness goals such as building strength, power, and hypertrophy, Creatine is discussed as one of the most effective supplements with multiple physiological benefits including muscle recovery, cognitive function, and bone mineral density 3.

Rational Supplementation

Andrew discusses the emergence of supplements and how to develop a rational supplementation regimen. He emphasizes that supplements should not replace excellent behavioral protocols and talks about the importance of foundational supplements that contain vitamins and minerals to compensate for any deficiencies in diet.

Huberman Lab

Developing a Rational Approach to Supplementation for Health & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast

When considering supplement protocols, it's stressed that individuals don't always need to supplement continuously; the usage should be in line with the quality of their diet 4.

Additionally, a rational guide to supplementation has been covered, which looks at factors like safety, cost, specific endpoints, how supplements interact with other behavioral tools, and prescription drugs 5.

These discussions emphasize a thoughtful and informed approach to supplementation, rather than suggesting a blanket set of supplements that everyone should take.