what would be an ideal morning routine for a 40 year old man struggling with mood and energy?


For a 40-year-old man struggling with mood and energy, the following morning routine is recommended:

  1. Consistent Sleep and Wake Times: Aim to wake up and go to bed at approximately the same time daily to regulate mood and mental health. This predictability helps in getting optimal amounts of slow-wave (deep) sleep and REM sleep and regulates energy and focus throughout the day 1.

  2. Morning Light Exposure: Try to maximize outdoor light exposure in the mornings. This sets off a cascade of benefits for mental and physical health, including dopamine production, timing melatonin production correctly, and reducing cortisol peaks later in the day 2. Outdoor activities such as jumping rope facing the rising sun can have a tremendous mood-elevating effect 3.

    Consistent Sleep Routine

    Andrew emphasizes the importance of having a consistent sleep routine for regulating mood and improving overall sleep quality. Striving to go to bed and wake up at more or less the same time each day can have a positive impact on energy, mood, and focus throughout the day.

    Huberman Lab

    Mental Health Toolkit: Tools to Bolster Your Mood & Mental Health
  3. Morning Habits to Overcome Limbic Friction: Place the hardest habits within the first 0-8 hours after waking up to leverage the natural release of norepinephrine and dopamine, which makes it easier to engage in activities that require more effort and overcome resistance to forming new habits 4.

  4. 90-Minute Work Blocks: Include focused work blocks for deep work and productivity. Even if the work is different from scientific research, adapt the 90-minute blocks to types of work suitable for the individual's schedule 5.

Please consult a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your lifestyle, especially if there are any health concerns or conditions.