is there any progress on genetic therapy to treat colorblindnness


There has been significant progress in genetic therapy for treating vision-related conditions, which could be relevant to colorblindness. mentioned a breakthrough in optogenetics, where gene therapy was used to confer light sensitivity onto a patient with retinal degeneration, effectively allowing a blind person to see. This achievement was considered an important milestone 1.

In another discussion, explained that gene therapy has been used to rejuvenate the retina by telling the cells how to correctly read genes, leading to a reversal of the aging process of neurons in the eye. This approach allowed blind mice to see again, and clinical trials on humans were expected to begin in the early years of 2022-2023 2. He also shared the broader vision of eventually using gene therapy across the entire body, which involves turning on specific genes that could allow the body to rejuvenate itself 3.

Optogenetics Milestone

Karl and Andrew discuss the recent milestone in optogenetics where a blind patient was able to see after receiving gene therapy. They also touch on the broader significance of optogenetics in understanding circuitry and developing more specific treatments.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Karl Deisseroth: Understanding & Healing the Mind | Huberman Lab Podcast #26

While these discussions were more focused on reversing blindness and aging in eye neurons, the technology and principles could theoretically apply to genetic therapies for other vision conditions, including colorblindness. However, specific references to progress in treating colorblindness using genetic therapy were not provided in these clips.