How to naturally influence dopamine levels?


To naturally influence dopamine levels, recommends several strategies:

  1. Morning Sunlight Exposure: Exposure to sunlight early in the day can increase cortisol and dopamine levels, leading to enhanced mood and alertness throughout the day 1.

  2. Regular Exercise: Engaging in regular movement, including a mix of cardiovascular and resistance training, helps maintain and elevate baseline dopamine levels 1.

  3. Cold Water Exposure: Immersion in cold water up to your neck has been shown to elevate baseline dopamine levels for several hours 2.

  4. Nutrition: Consuming sufficient amounts of B vitamins, especially B6, reduces prolactin levels, which in turn supports dopamine levels. Additionally, eating tyrosine-rich foods (found in certain cheeses, meats, and nuts) can support dopamine synthesis 3 4.

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  5. Avoiding Bright Light at Night: Avoiding exposure to bright light from 10 PM to 4 AM helps maintain dopamine levels as it avoids disrupting important neurochemical processes in the brain 3.

These methods are effective, behavioral-based approaches that can naturally enhance and maintain healthy dopamine levels.