How much creatine is optimal?


The optimal amount of creatine supplementation depends largely on body weight and personal tolerance. Here are the key points regarding dosage:

  • General Guideline: A common recommendation is about 5 grams per day for most individuals, which can vary based on physical size. Smaller individuals might need only 3-5 grams, while larger individuals (e.g., heavyweight athletes) might benefit from up to 10 grams per day 1.
  • Adjustments Based on Weight: For a more tailored approach, you can adjust the amount of creatine you take based on your body weight. For example, someone weighing between 185 to 250 pounds might take 10 grams per day, while someone lighter could find 3-5 grams sufficient 2.
  • High Dosage Cases: Certain circumstances or needs, such as quick recovery times in specific athletic or military contexts, might necessitate higher dosages for a brief period 3.

    Creatine Dosage

    Andy Galpin explains that the best form of Creatine is Creatine monohydrate and that the dosage should be based on physical size. He also mentions that the timing of taking Creatine is irrelevant.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Andy Galpin: Optimal Protocols to Build Strength & Grow Muscles | Huberman Lab Guest Series

It’s important to note that the above guidelines can vary based on individual factors like diet, exercise routines, and overall health. Always consider consulting with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplementation regimen.