Keto diet


The has covered several aspects of the ketogenic diet across various episodes. Here are some insights provided by and guest experts on the topic:

  1. Benefits for Epilepsy: The ketogenic diet originated as a medical intervention for pediatric epilepsy, where it can reduce the number of seizures by shifting brain metabolism to predominantly ketone metabolism, increasing GABA transmission, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter 1.

  2. Impact on Mental Health: There is evidence suggesting that people with major depressive disorders, especially those refractory to classic antidepressants, may benefit from the ketogenic diet. It alters the GABA-glutamate balance in the brain, potentially providing relief from depression symptoms 1. In some cases, the diet may even improve the efficacy of certain medications at lower dosages 1.

  3. Keto for Adults and Alzheimer's: The ketogenic diet may also benefit adults with epilepsy and those with Alzheimer's dementia by providing an alternate fuel source for the brain, which can sometimes improve symptoms 2.

  4. Long-term Effects: According to Dr. Chris Palmer, the ketogenic diet enhances processes related to mitochondria, such as mitophagy – the clearance of old and defective mitochondria – and mitochondrial biogenesis, which may result in an increase in the number and health of mitochondria in the brain and the body over time, contributing to its effectiveness in treating epilepsy and chronic mental disorders 3.

    Ketogenic Diet Benefits

    Andrew discusses how the ketogenic diet can be beneficial for treating epilepsy by increasing GABA transmission in the brain. He also explains how it can have positive effects on people with major depressive disorders who don't respond to classic antidepressants.

    Huberman Lab

    Understanding & Conquering Depression | Huberman Lab Podcast #34
  5. Contraception and Fertility: The effect of the ketogenic diet on fertility, particularly in women, can vary. While some women see positive changes, others might experience difficulties getting pregnant. Therefore, it's crucial not to use the diet as a form of contraception 3.

The emphasizes the need for caution and underscores that while the ketogenic diet may offer benefits, it can also have various effects depending on the individual. It's important to consult healthcare professionals before making any significant dietary changes, especially when seeking treatment for medical conditions.