Summarize the episode with Asi Wind

The episode titled "Asi Wind: What Magic & Mind Reading Reveal About the Brain" featured magician and mentalist Asi Wind alongside neuroscientist and host Andrew Huberman. The discussion focused on the neuroscience of perception, the psychological forces at play in magic and mentalism, and how magicians manipulate audience attention. They delve into how magic can inspire real action, the art of nonverbal communication, and memory confabulation. There's a comparison drawn between art, such as that by Philip Glass and Mark Rothko, and magic, both creating immersive experiences through brain abstractions. Memory mastery techniques, especially for recalling people's names, and reading body language are also discussed, revealing insights into creative thought and the human mind. The episode explored the intersection between neuroscience and magic, illustrating how illusions can unveil truths about human perception and cognition.