Do you have any papers on “exercise snacks?”


The term "exercise snacks" refers to brief, targeted exercises intended to enhance or maintain fitness. According to , they can improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, and can be particularly useful when you're unable to follow your regular workout routine 1.

To enhance long-duration endurance, an example of an exercise snack could be doing 100 jumping jacks at any point during the day, without needing a warm-up 2. For muscular endurance, exercises like wall sits, planks, or a maximum number of push-ups are recommended, and these can also be done throughout the day, sometimes even during other activities like phone calls 3 4.

Exercise Snacks

Discover how exercise snacks can enhance or maintain your fitness, whether you're focusing on cardiovascular endurance or muscular endurance. Andrew Huberman explains how these brief, targeted exercises can make a big impact on your overall fitness level.

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Regarding the research on exercise snacks, discussed studies that examined these quick bouts of exercise. One study involved office workers running up stairs in about 20-second sessions repeated throughout the day, which helped to improve their endurance 5.

However, while the discusses these exercise snacks and their benefits, there was no specific mention of papers provided in the clips retrieved. For detailed insights and a deeper exploration of the mechanisms underlying endurance and exercise snacks, the original episode series with Dr. Andy Galpin is recommended, as they contain a breadth of information on all aspects of fitness 6.