how bad is masturbating every day

There is no specific information available from the Huberman Lab regarding the effects of masturbating every day. For health-related inquiries, it's advisable to consult with medical professionals who can provide advice based on individual health conditions and needs.


What are the health effects of masturbating daily?


Masturbating daily, especially when combined with frequent pornography use, can have several negative health effects, particularly in males. According to and , frequent masturbation can decrease testosterone levels and limit libido in real-life interactions, mainly attributed to the hormonal changes post-ejaculation which increase prolactin levels, reducing sexual motivation 1.

Additionally, habitual porn and masturbation can lead to a situation where individuals teach their brain to be aroused by watching others rather than through direct participation in sexual activities. This could potentially limit real-world sexual interactions and desensitize individuals to normal stimuli, impacting their overall sexual health and relationships 1.

It’s important to note that moderation and context play crucial roles. The negative impacts are primarily associated with excessive or frequent indulgence, particularly multiple times per day or daily. Such habits might become detrimental to hormone profiles and overall sexual fulfillment 1.

Porn and Hormones

Andrew and Kyle discuss the relationship between porn, masturbation, and hormones. They explain how frequent masturbation can decrease testosterone levels in males and limit libido in the real world. They also discuss the effects of pornography on dopamine sensitivity and hormonal components.

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